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From enthusiasm and passion for culinary art, was born in 1987, in Palermo, "Il Mirto e la Rosa", an elegant and welcoming restaurant that with its cuisine attentive to traditional and national flavors, always presented in a creative way, welcomes the customer, offering a simple but very accurate service. The restaurant is located in the center of Palermo, a few steps from the historic Hotel delle Palme, in a high-density hotel area. The variety of the menu, the comfort of the structure and the great hospitality make the location a point of reference for lovers of good food and healthy conviviality.


The art of cooking

From the first years of its foundation, Il Mirto and la Rosa, it embraces the idea of a vegetarian and healthy menu, leaving space, only afterwards, to meat and fish dishes; responding, with great success, to the increasingly pressing demands of its customers. Characterized by a deep research of raw materials, especially those found on the territory, makes the quality of the ingredients, an essential element for the composition of the dishes on the menu. Antonella Sgrillo, creator and co-founder of the restaurant, assisted by Giada Penna and a large staff of experts, lays the foundation for a high quality kitchen, built on the passion and vocation for something that is not a job but represents, to all effects, an art. Creation and incessant research of culinary universes to explore, combinations and imaginative and surprising combinations of taste, to be offered to an enthusiastic and fascinated clientele.

Delicious dishes

To delight the palates and meet the needs of all customers, we think of the varied and well-structured Menu, a selection of surprising dishes ranging from the vegetarian section, to meat dishes, fish and fantastic appetizers to conclude with a list of inviting and exquisite desserts. A staff, always courteous and helpful, will advise and guide you in choosing the dishes best suited to your tastes, presenting you the best of the tasty world of the restaurant "Il Mirto e la Rosa.


Event organization

At any time of festive conviviality, whether it is a birthday, a degree or a ceremony, the company provides all its professionalism, in organizing the banquet, advising the menus for the event and carefully following the wishes of customers at ever-favorable prices. The Myrtle and the Rose also offers a well-structured Catering service for business events, such as conferences and meetings but also for fun afternoons dedicated to children, organizing parties with expert animation groups, who will be able to recreate moments of pure and healthy fun.

Gluten free

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are no longer a problem for lunch or dinner at the restaurant. The Myrtle and Rose has prepared a complete menu dedicated to those who do not tolerate gluten. A way to respond to the requests that more and more we are able to combine good dishes and respect for food intolerances It is recommended to report the gluten free request to the room staff.

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